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Item #: GVC-46-80C
Availability: In Stock

Product Description:

Solar panels: polysilicon solar panel
Power Type: Solar
Products Voltage: 4V
Charge current: 130MA
Discharge current: 70MA
Cell parameters: 2 × AA Ni-MH rechargeable battery 1000MAH
Solar light: 80 super bright LED lights.
Product features: 5 species (Always, flash, slow flash, flash shunt, shunt slow flash)
Light Color: red, yellow, blue, green
Working temperature: -20 ° to 60 °
Humidity: <90 °
Packaging: Color Packaging 32X25X15CM
Product Length: 14.5M
Functional status:
1. Light controlled automatic switch (automatic night light, automatically shut down during the day)
2. Light mode: flashing light / button switch touch switch. Key switch for the power switch / touch switch to control the Always and shiny. Lights for the four outputs.
3. In full sun to charge 5-6 hours, and sustainable lighting 8 hours.
Note: solar products must be placed on a sunny place, before work. If there are shadows on the sun block or less than the local product is not light or cause light a short time.
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