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GV-C Solar Car Charger
Item #: GV-C Solar Car Charger
Availability: In Stock

Product Description:

Solar panels: amorphous silicon solar core board. This machine is mainly to protect the car battery, no built-in battery.
Product Power: 1.35W-1.55W
Output voltage: 180MA
Product features: may be on the 12V car battery or other electrical appliances were washed slip to keep the battery power to maintain battery life, ring, easy, automatic car battery maintenance Security, safety, convenience, automatic maintenance of car batteries. Under any weather conditions can be manipulated, can shock, rust and dust and so on.
Application: 12V solar battery charger can be used not only in the car, camping car, boat, motorcycle, and so the device can be used with 12V battery, charged by solar slow flow, so that your battery at any time the state of preparedness at full power, too much more to share on both Denso products are used by the solar warmth membership charge your battery fully charged at any time in the state of preparedness, much more sharing of goods produced by Denso battery battery produced heavy burden, this is the right choice to maintain battery life! Usually use the porous outlet, electrical plug bottle light walkers heavy burden, which in order to maintain battery life, do not replace the battery two or three years, through the endless supply of solar power, fuel economy and enhance your Electrical Parts full use of solar electricity! So easy to use product completely free installation, convenient and practical, into the Enhance the effect of oil and horsepower is obvious.
Size: 37.5X16X2CM
1 If the battery is completely discharged battery may be a problem in poor performance, please use the product can be replaced with new battery prior to reuse.
2 LED display lights as the light intensity while the strength of different flashing flashes when only minor non-representative of the unit to malfunction, please rest assured that use.
3. For 12V battery.
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