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GVN-010 Solar Cellphone Charger
Item #: GVN-010 Solar Cellphone Charger
Availability: In Stock

Product Description:

1. Sunlight solar energy directly into direct current energy, do not need DC power supply. Anytime, anywhere on the mobile phone, digital MP3, game consoles, digital cameras and other small electrical charge.
2. For travel, tourism, long-distance travel ship, field operations, such as backup power supply environment, with security protection, good compatibility, large capacity, small size, long life, cost-effective.
3. Built-in lithium-ion polymer battery, high efficiency solar cells, you can usually use a charger emergency. Mobile phone charging plug with a variety of models for different types of cell phones and other electrical appliances. Complete elimination of power shortage, power outage, when outdoor activities occasionally run out of battery trouble.
4. The product is USB universal interface, a wide range of output voltage options, 4.5V; 5.5V; 7.5V; 9V, output current of 500mA, handheld electronic products to meet the different charging requirements, but also can be used as backup power and emergency power supply , run out of power can be placed within 3-5 hours of drying under the sun, so there's lithium battery storage power, electricity can also be side edge of the sun. Can also be an external power supply charge. On emergency power, no worries. Tips in a flash when charging. Quick charging without power after 30 minutes of sunlight can charge mobile phones and emergency response.
5. The thin straight body design, beautiful shape and luxurious, fashionable.
6. With a DC charger, 3 cell phone plug, a switch connection.
7. For a variety of color options: metallic silver, pearl white, light scarlet, peacock blue. Easy to carry, beautifully packaged.
8. There are bright white LED flashlight, fully applicable to the field or travel.
9. The back of the product design earthquake slip function, can be placed directly on the car before the stage, in motion the process can also charge and discharge.
10. Here there is money detector functions.
11. Large area solar panels, efficient absorption of solar energy.
12. This product has over voltage, overload or short circuit protection, dual protection, safe and reliable.
13. Built 2500mAH lithium-ion polymer battery can charge and discharge more than 1000 times

1. 51 * 35 * 30CM 36PCS single box installation
2. Ordinary cardboard boxes containing PVC plastic prop
3. Equipped with a DC charger, 4 phone plugs, an adapter cable.
4. Avoid direct eye contact with the light.

Solar Charger Note:
1. Select the appropriate voltage to the electronic products used in their own, to charge the phone when you use 5.5V file
2. Do not use fire instead of light to the local charge.
3. Non-professionals please do not assemble this unit.

Basic Parameters:
1. 1.1 W solar cell, the input parameters 5V/220mA.
2. built-in battery capacity: 2500mAH.
3. external input voltage: 5V/600mA.
4. the output voltage is selectable, the voltage points are: 5V; 5.5V; 7.5V; 9.0V/500mA.
5. full of ordinary mobile phone for 90 minutes.
6. electricity filled 3 hours charging time of the product can be AC110V-240V.
7. solar Zhishai 5-8 hours can be filled the machine.
8. full power of this product, are also filled with 3 handsets.
9. Overall dimensions 122 × 72 × 15mm.
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